Each year thousands of visa applicants are turned away by the U.S. Embassy or Consulate abroad or the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service at the port of entry. If your client is in the home country; the visa denial will be placed in the client's passport and in the Embassy's computer so that for a while or forever your client is barred from re-applying or, under most circumstances, reconsideration. If the client is denied entry while at the United States' port of entry, he or she will be returned on the next flight home and the visa cancelled.

Our procedures for processing immigration cases is a paralegal practice with attorney assistance. We have a simple and easy approach to learning immigration law. The Manual will teach you and your staff how to interview a foreign national and once retained, how to process his or her case.

Aside from immigration, the business foreigner has other legal needs such as: corporate advice, real estate and contracts so you additionally generate other business.

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